Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watermelon Faith by Dr. Evelyn Murray Drayton

Dr. Drayton has written a book that shows through her own life and experiences, and through the thoughtful use of scriptures, just how easy it is to find the perfect watermelon, while we can’t root out evil in our lives as easy. This is a perfect analogy for this tale of personal experience and shows how evil people can lurk, even in some righteous of places, righteous people.

Also included in the back of the book is a Spiritual Checklist. A kind of survey you will find interesting. Look at it and see what you think, you might be surprised, by your answers to the checklist.

One must always be careful, for evil and the devil are about us, it’s not like choosing a ripe watermelon as Dr. Drayton so aptly writes in this book. This book is a good read and I would recommend it to all. This isn’t just a religious book, but a book that shows through examples and the judicious use of scripture to show you how evil can lurk among us and temp us in everyday situations in our daily lives, including our spiritual. I recommend this book as a book everyone should read, not just those that believe in good and evil.

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