Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winning in Life Now: How to Break Through to a Happier You!

By Michelle Prince

Zig Ziglar penned the forward in this book. Michelle takes you on a trip to a purposeful life with exercises taken from real life. She has lived it and can help you become a happier you. The writing style is conversational with examples from Michelle’s life. Winning in Life Now is like having a comfortable talk with your best friend in a relaxed setting.

Reading this book, is looking at your life as it is, and seeing if you are on purpose. Most of us wonder why we are here and what we want to be when we grow up, but life has a way of interceding with what we think we will be as children. There is a career, bills, family, and more that can interrupt our plans for what it is that makes us happy.

Following along and being introspective, we can get back on purpose in our life and become happier with ourselves. If we are not happy, with whom we are; how can someone be happy with us? If we do not love ourselves, how can anyone else love us?

While this book may not help you overnight, reading it can help you take the first steps toward becoming whom you want to be which is a happier, more purpose-knowing person. Perhaps you will find the answer as to why you are here. This is not a religious book, but a spiritual one that transcends any denomination.

Winning in Life Now is a small yet powerful book that is recommended as a must read, and is awarded a four star rating from this reviewer.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dragon Domain: Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy

By Theresa Chaze

In this book, Cheyenne and Celeste have a parting of the ways all because of the one known as Dominic. Celeste and Dominic steal from Cheyenne. More happens to darken the mood at the farm. Cheyenne must come up with money to pay the farm’s mortgage payments. She could lose the farm. Also in Dragon Domain are some old friends from Awakening the Dragon like Rachael Franklin, Kevin, Carmen, and others. There are also some new characters in Dragon Domain.

The new characters come to the aid of Cheyenne and those from the dark side. The House of Christ and its supporters are back again with their bigotry and narrow-mindedness. There are some truths that will come out, that are not been spoken of, and a few twists that no one might expect. While Dragon Domain is the continuing saga in the trilogy, it also has some new information and characters that add to the depth of the Dragon Clan Trilogy. Waiting for the third book isn’t easy. A recommendation is to find all three and read them in sequence.

What happens in the forest when the new characters end up not showing up when expected? Will things turn out as Cheyenne hopes, or will the dark one prevail? This is a story of light and dark, good and evil from a nonreligious point of view. It is from a belief system within the participants involved in the struggle and their determination and inner strengths.

The House of Christ is of little use, and is more of a hindrance, by not allowing things to run their course. There are more things that we are unaware of than things that we do understand in the world around us. Dragon Domain explores some of them. It is up to the reader to believe or not. The book is fiction, but is it really?

This reviewer awards a four star rating to Dragon Domain.

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Awakening the Dragon: Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy

By Theresa Chase

Who is Rachael, and why has she come to Coyote Springs? In a town of bigotry and religious zealots, Rachael is opening the Dragon’s Den bookstore. Why at this particular time has Rachael and her cats come to Coyote Springs? What of the people at “The Farm”, as the town’s people refer to it, is there something that Rachael must do? She has more questions than answers as she begins life in Coyote Springs.

Out of town, lies a cottage that the towns’ folk want burned down, why do they want it destroyed? The owner and rather powerful person in town, Kevin, will not allow its destruction. He doesn’t want it destroyed and doesn’t want to rent it out, why? People are afraid to enter the cottage. When they enter, strange things begin to happen to them physically. No one can stay in the cottage for any length of time. Kevin even has trouble lasting in the cottage for more than a few minutes before he becomes ill.

Along comes Rachael, she talks to the previous owner who is dead and is welcomed into the cottage. Is this some supernatural ability, or is there really something within Rachael growing stronger, why Rachael, and not someone from Coyote Springs? Is there a mission for her to complete that Rachael is unaware of as to why her mentor sent her to this particular town?

Cheyenne from the farm is someone that the House of Christ is against along with Rachael Franklin. Is there a real reason or is just that the members of the House of Christ don’t like someone who is different and will not conform to what the reverend and followers believe people should think and believe.

This is only a small glimmer into the story in Awakening the Dragon. You will have to read the book to find out the intricacies of the story.

This reviewer awards a four star rating to Awakening the Dragon.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Well-Fed Self-Publisher

By Peter Bowerman

Given the state of today’s publishing industry, and the number of books being published yearly, have you considered self-publishing as an alternative to the mainstream publishers? While there are many self-published books in today’s market, the problem with many is the poor quality of the writing (lack of editing) and physical design (especially book covers). In this comprehensive book, Peter explains about what it takes to be a successful self-publisher. Incidentally, he doesn’t consider POD self-publishing, but offers up several scenarios where POD makes sense for certain books/authors.

In TWFSP, you will find information on why self-publishing might make sense, getting comfortable with the sales and marketing process, building a book, targeting buyers and building demand, building a book website, distribution, Amazon, maximizing mainstream media, article writing, radio shows, the ins and outs of live appearances, creating multiple stream of income from your book, and much more. The appendices contain self-publishing resources, info on a valuable companion marketing e-kit, a self-publishing time line, and a section of foreign rights.

The Well-Fed Self-Publisher is a complete manual for a business as a self-publisher. In today’s publishing environment, finding an agent, then waiting and hoping that your book will get published, can be a dead end. This book shows you how to do it yourself and still get your book on bookstore shelves.

Items discussed in TWFSP are the cover, how to make your self-published book compete with the mainstream publishers’ books in look, feel, and quality (books that don’t compare to those coming out of publishing houses will be hard to promote to reviewers, wholesalers, distributors, and bookstores). Especially useful is a chapter explain and demystifying the concepts of “Sales & Marketing” that terrify many authors today, but which they’ll have to learn and use to get their book into the hands of readers.

The Well-Fed Self-Publisher is a roadmap to self-publishing and getting your book into the hands of readers. This book, filled with information about the publishing industry and what authors need to accomplish in order to become a published author, is delivered in a conversational tone from someone who’s successfully self-published his books (over 50,000 copies of his first two books are in print). Check out The Well-Fed Self-Publisher “Biz-in-a-Box” Teaser in the back of the book.

This reviewer gives this book a five-star rating. If you are considering self-publishing, read this book and find out what self-publishing is about.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Overcomers, Inc

Compiled by Lynne Klippel

Read stories of thirty-eight diverse authors as they talk about Hope, Courage, and Inspiration in Overcomers, Inc; they speak of triumph over adversity with their true-life stories.

The book that will assist you in coming to terms with whatever is troubling in your life, and to create your own triumph of adversity, it is your outlook that dictates much of what we as humans feel and how we react to outside or internal stimuli.

In Overcomers, Inc:
You will find tools to create success out of your failures.
How-to awaken your life purpose.
How-to let go of the past, no matter what you experienced.
Find the strength and courage to persevere in the face of any challenging experience.

Do not let fear from the past dictate how you live today and your life’s purpose. Overcomers, Inc can help you with this as you read the stories compiled from the author’s true-life experiences, and did not allow themselves to wallow in self-pity and despair, but found the courage to move forward in their lives to success out of their experiences.

There is a good deal we can all gain from keeping this book handy and reading the stories of the authors as we experience failures and wish to move forward in spite of them. Overcomers, Inc would make a good reference book for all of us when we need to move forward and in finding our life’s purpose.

This reviewer awards Overcomers, Inc a five-star rating.