Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined?

Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim!
By Sally Shields

Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Contains the story of real women giving their insights on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and weight in age groups from 20’s through the 60’s.”

Within the pages of “Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? You can read how women have found what works for them in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle so they are productive in their pursuits in various professions.

You will learn about the contributors’ food choices, exercise choices, and how they manage an ideal weight. The contributors range in age from early 20s to 60s. Each has found a plan that works for them.

The gist of the contributors’ plans, are good food, plenty of water, and exercise.

If you are tired of battling with the yo-yo weight problem, Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? May just be the book for you.

This reviewer is of the opinion that this book is not just for women, but is for anyone wanting to shed the extra pounds and keep them off.

Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Receives five stars of out of five with a must read recommendation.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Invest in Penny Stocks: A Guide to Profitable Trading

By Peter Leeds

First, this reviewer wishes to commend Mr. Leeds for the statement in his book about not spending your lunch money investing. When investing, please use only money you can safely.

There are many people online and offline that will tell you to invest, but few will tell you not to invest if you don’t have money you can afford to lose. This reviewer thanks the author for this.

Mr. Leeds also mentions trying paper trading to learn how well you do, and about Leeds Analysis. He takes time to offer some real world examples of investing and how to value what is happening in terms that investors should be aware of as they invest.

Mr. Leeds will teach you about investing in Penny Stocks. You can make money via Penny Stocks, but also be aware of the fact that you may lose some of your investment as well.

Stocks are not guaranteed to make money. You must take the time to learn and invest smart by learning all you can and working paper trades first. It is by the use of paper trading that Mr. Leeds says is one of the best ways to choose stocks and learn how they react.

He states in Invest in Penny Stocks that buying and sitting on Blue Chip stocks is not the best way to invest, plus Blue Chip stocks are expensive and you will be able to purchase more shares by investing in Penny Stocks and knowing when to sell them.

This reviewer found the information invaluable for anyone considering investing in the stock market. This reviewer awards five stars to Invest in Penny Stocks.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Henrietta, the Dragon Slayer

By Beth Barany

This is a tale with a strong heroine by the name Henrietta. It is also a tale of the magic of dragons and witches.

Henrietta, along with her traveling companions, Franc the knight, Jaxter the court jester, and Paulette the apprentice witch, Take on an arduous journey to Plumaria. Franc is on a mission from the king to find Henrietta the Dragon Slayer and bring her back to Plumaria.

The foursome encounters many hardships along the way, least of which is Henrietta’s fear of water. She must steel herself for a long sea voyage from the mainland to Plumaria to find the reason for her summons to the island, and what the king wishes of her since Franc is not forthcoming with much information.

Henrietta is on a mission of her own, to restore the health of her ailing mentor Master Chen, although she left after a heated exchange with him to join the King’s Army. Master Chen is much like a farther to her as well as her mentor in the fighting arts with the use of swords.

Will she be in time to same Master Chen if she travels to Plumaria to do the King’s bidding?

Beth, best known for strong heroines in her stories, this story is no exception. It is a tale of righteousness and overcoming adversity including magic. Who or what are the guardians she encounters along the way, and why do they hide in shadows as they speak to her. She is reluctant to listen to them as she in not ready to be a believer yet.

If you enjoy stories of mysticism, magic, and dragons this is a story for you. If you enjoy a good tale this story is for you, and if you enjoy a good read Henrietta the Dragon Slayer is the book for you.

This reviewer enjoyed reading the book and look forward to reading more of Beth’s writing.

This book receives a four and a half out of five stars along with a must read recommendation from this reviewer.