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Meet Author Adrienne Thompson

Married at sixteen, a mother twice by seventeen, and thrice a mother and divorced by twenty-four, Adrienne Thompson is no stranger to adversity. Not your typical teenage mother, she went on to complete her college degree and to earn her nursing license. She attributes God’s faithfulness as the catalyst for her success in life. Now, having raised two children as a divorced mother, with a third fast approaching adulthood, she is chasing her dream of becoming a published author. Using the lessons that life has so expertly taught her as a guideline (betrayal, abusive relationships, self-esteem issues, witnessing the deteriorating effects of drug abuse), she has created stories that will both entertain and inspire the reader.  Learn more about Adrienne at:
How long have you been writing?
I’ve written poetry for most of my life. I did not begin writing novels until 2009. 

How did you get started writing?
I always had a desire to write novels, but for years I convinced myself that I couldn’t do it. One day I found myself dissatisfied with where I was in life and believing that there was something more for me. After much thought and prayer, I found my true calling in writing. Five novels and 10,000 eBooks sold later, I’m much more satisfied with the direction of my life.

What's the best writing advice you've ever received?
I was once told not to be so concerned about word counts and to write as the story dictated—to write until the story is finished.  A good, complete story is more important than meeting a certain word-count quota.

What inspired you to write this book?
See Me is the story of Olivia Moy, the widow of a beloved and very celebrated author. When we first meet her, she is slowly losing the battle as she struggles to cope her husband’s untimely death. Concerned about her condition, her son insists on taking her to his home where she soon befriends his neighbor. It is not long before Olivia begins to divulge the secrets of her marriage, secrets that can destroy her husband’s legacy and her world. I was inspired to write See Me because of my experience with a brilliant, yet mentally ill relative.

Are you working on a new book?
I’m always working on the next book, lol. I’m currently working on two books: Little Sister (a companion novel to Been So Long—my second book) and Been So Long 2 (Body and Soul). 

 What does writing mean in your life?
Writing means everything to me. Even on those dark days when I feel like giving up or that I’m spinning my wheels and I’ll never reach my goals, I am still compelled to write. It has become second nature to me—a compulsion. I know I was put on Earth to do this.

Where can people purchase your book?
See Me is available on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Paperback coming soon.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

CIA Fall Guy

By Phyllis Zimbler Miller

CIA Fall Guy is a story that will keep the reader guessing why Beth Parsons is called to Langley after twenty-five years, when all she did was type reports when she and her husband were in Germany, and the place where Beth lost her husband in an explosion.

With the intrigue and spooks in CIA Fall Guy, readers will be unable to put this book down.

Following the actions of Beth and those following her trying to eliminate her to cover tracks and people will keep the readers of action-thriller books wondering whom, why some of the players in CIA Fall Guy wished Beth gone forever.

While CIA Fall Guy is fiction, it could happen. Is there anyone that truly performs checks on what organizations in the government are doing? CIA Fall Guy will make readers think while being entertained.

CIA Fall Guy, a must read book for everyone, especially those that are action-thriller readers.

Phyllis knows how to engage the reader, making them care about Beth and pulling for her to find out what is behind the people trying to eliminate her. Who is behind the plan to eliminate her?
You will have to read CIA Fall Guy to find out. CIA Fall Guy is worth the read.

This reviewer awards CIA Fall Guy five stars, and a must read recommendation.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, Reviewer, Marketer

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders

By Phyllis Zimbler Miller and Mitchell R. Miller

Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders is a graduate of United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, Mollie is an electronics and computer geek, and driven to excel in everything she does to prove herself in a male dominated navy.

Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders receives assignment to sea duty as the second seat, fire control, in an F-18. While on what should be a routine training mission, Mollie and the pilot are fired upon by a mysterious missile that was not part of the training flight, thus begins a conundrum for Mollie and her pilot Kevin, nickname Surfer.

Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders is an engaging read for people that like the adventure/mystery genre. Phyllis and Mitchell weave a tail that brings intrigue and characters that will keep you reading for hours, because you won’t want to put down this book, that’s what happen to this reviewer.

This reviewer found Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders a well-written book, that should hold the interest of any reader to see what happens next, and if the ice maiden will thaw, and become a normal person. You’ll have to read the book to find out the rest of the story and where the missile might have come from.

Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders receive a must read recommendation from this reviewer and is awarded four out of five stars.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Blogger/Editor/Reviewer/Marketer

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire

By Philip Sharp

This review is from a pre-pub copy of Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire. The story is a memoir of a soldier’s stay in Iraq written in a journal his wife gave him.

How would you react to being in the middle of a war zone, where you can’t trust the people living around you? What are the living conditions, and what kind of a mindset would you have in such a place?

Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire is a book that will give you a first-hand look through the eyes of a soldier in a war zone with IEDs, and infiltration of fighters who don't what non-Muslims in their country  living at all.

Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire also contains photographs of troupes in camp trying to make as normal a live as possible in unusual conditions.

If readers are at all interested in finding out more about where U.S. dollars are going and how our troupes are coping, reading Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire will give you some idea.

This reviewer found the story engaging and worth reading for many reasons, and awards four out of five stars recommendation.

Robert Medak

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jihad Genocide: The Last Jihad

By Ted Habib

Jihad Genocide is a story about a call to alert the powers that be in the United States and other countries about the impending Jihad and a possible date of December 31st where multiple teams of Jihadists are set to employee suicide bombers to unleash a biological agent to kill more people at one time than the September 11, 2001 attack on the twin towers in New York.

The main character in Jihad Genocide is Samuel Josef a Muslim who converted to Christianity while living in India and about his siblings who are part of the Jihadists believers that are sending money for and work at learning about what they can do to bring Islam to the world as the only allowable religion and to the utter elimination of all nonbelievers.

Is Jihad a Holy War, or is it something more diabolical. As mentioned in Jihad Genocide Samuel Josef explains in detail how his siblings work at corrupting the U.S. judicial system through intimidation and death threats if rulings go against them or the people who are working with them in their struggle to destroy the very thing that allows them the freedom to do so, while using fraud, money laundering, and scams to send money to train the next generation of Jihadists (which some call terrorists).

This is a book that all at the seat of government should read and act upon.
Jihad Genocide receives four out of five stars, but with some judicious editing could receive a higher rating. This is a must read wake-up call to free societies around the world.

Disclaimer: This reviewer was compensated for his review, which in no way relates to the rating of this book. All reviews by this author are unbiased and do not depend on any type of remuneration whether it be a complimentary copy or other form of compensation to the reviewer.
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The Between

By LJ Cohen

The Between is a book for those who love the Fae, unusual characters, and a doorway to access them.

How would you handle it, if someone told you that you’re of pure Fae blood when all you knew of was the same world that most of us live in daily? Imagine that your Fae parents were at each other’s throats, battling for total control of the Faerie Lands because of something you had no knowledge of, and placed you in the mortal world as a child.

This is the well-written and engaging premise of The Between. This reviewer found it a pleasure to read this book and recommended it to his wife who loves Fae, and creatures of fantasy, as does the reviewer.

If enjoy reading, this reviewer recommends The Between for all readers, not just fantasy readers.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of The Between, sit back in a comfortable chair and enjoy yourself with a good book.

This reviewer awards four stars out of five to The Between; and is ready to read more from author LJ Cohen.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer/Marketer

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A New Beginning (A River City Novel)

By E. Ayers

A New Beginning is a mainstream involving the characters Patrick Makowllen and Dallas Nixon, once neighbors until Patrick’s parents moved away and he went to college.

There is an eleven-year difference in age, with Patrick being the older of the two.

Fast forward to the time when Patrick, who most people call him Rick, is twenty-nine and Dallas is eighteen, she knocks on his Townhouse door looking like something like a drowned and freezing cat asks him to take her in, because she has nowhere else.

Knowing that his life would be upend his life and complicate things, calls her parents. After the barrage of negative comments and her mother saying she doesn’t want her, Rick capitulates and she can stay, but that he only has one bed and he isn’t giving it up.

She says that they can sleep in the same bed and nothing more, period. Rick agrees and says he will not touch her.

He needs to take her shopping, because she showed up sans a jacket and little else except for the punk clothes on her back. Patrick has a job as an investment advisor and just getting by on his salary.

Now that he has a houseguest, he is going to have to cut back on things to make ends meet.

Patrick says see can stay but will have to help with the chores around the Townhouse. Dallas takes on the role as cook and housekeeper. Little does Patrick, a meat and potatoes man, know that Dallas is a Vegetarian, and cannot stand to touch or smell meat while it is cooking, and his diet is about to change.

Thus, began a strange symbiotic relationship that is strictly platonic.

Dallas is a gifted student; Patrick helps her get to school and finds out about her other talent as an artist, and photographer. She wants to finish school, graduate, and go to college, but how can she and Patrick afford the cost?

Dallas and Patrick find out some great information after Dallas’ photos end up in a magazine thanks to one of Patrick’s friend that works for the magazine. As others find out about this, things will never be the same for either of them.

To throw a bit of glue into the works, Dallas’ mother files a law suit against Patrick for kidnapping.

Readers will have to read A New Beginning to find out how things work out for Patrick and Dallas.

This reviewer awards four out of five stars to A New Beginning.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Reviewer, Marketer

Wanting (A River City Novel)

By E. Ayers

Wanting is a mainstream romance novel featuring Mac McGuire and Mandy (Amanda) in an emotional charged and engaging novel about building a loving relationship, and second chances.

While Mac is eating at a greasy spoon cafĂ©, he sees Mandy, and he’s intrigued by her beauty, and wanting to know more about her. Mandy has secrets and in the beginning afraid of her own shadow, with low self-esteem.

Mac tries to strike up a conversation with Mandy, but Mandy wants no part of Mac or anyone else.

Amanda quit school to keep her family together; she is busing tables to care for her siblings and herself. Because of her life situation and her mother, she wants nothing to do with men. Mac is a man and someone with money.

Mac is enthralled with Mandy, he sees a beautiful woman. Although, Mac has been a bachelor; and has many women friends, there is something special about Mandy that has Mac thinking about her becoming a part of his life in River City.

Mac wants to learn more about Mandy, and wants to take her out; Mandy is reluctant to go out with any man, especially one that comes to a restaurant where she is busing tables.

Will these two get together? This reviewer isn’t going to tell you. Readers will have to find out for themselves by reading Wanting.

This reviewer awards four out of five stars to the River City Novel Wanting.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Reviewer, Marketer