Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wanting (A River City Novel)

By E. Ayers

Wanting is a mainstream romance novel featuring Mac McGuire and Mandy (Amanda) in an emotional charged and engaging novel about building a loving relationship, and second chances.

While Mac is eating at a greasy spoon cafĂ©, he sees Mandy, and he’s intrigued by her beauty, and wanting to know more about her. Mandy has secrets and in the beginning afraid of her own shadow, with low self-esteem.

Mac tries to strike up a conversation with Mandy, but Mandy wants no part of Mac or anyone else.

Amanda quit school to keep her family together; she is busing tables to care for her siblings and herself. Because of her life situation and her mother, she wants nothing to do with men. Mac is a man and someone with money.

Mac is enthralled with Mandy, he sees a beautiful woman. Although, Mac has been a bachelor; and has many women friends, there is something special about Mandy that has Mac thinking about her becoming a part of his life in River City.

Mac wants to learn more about Mandy, and wants to take her out; Mandy is reluctant to go out with any man, especially one that comes to a restaurant where she is busing tables.

Will these two get together? This reviewer isn’t going to tell you. Readers will have to find out for themselves by reading Wanting.

This reviewer awards four out of five stars to the River City Novel Wanting.

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