Sunday, March 25, 2012

A New Beginning (A River City Novel)

By E. Ayers

A New Beginning is a mainstream involving the characters Patrick Makowllen and Dallas Nixon, once neighbors until Patrick’s parents moved away and he went to college.

There is an eleven-year difference in age, with Patrick being the older of the two.

Fast forward to the time when Patrick, who most people call him Rick, is twenty-nine and Dallas is eighteen, she knocks on his Townhouse door looking like something like a drowned and freezing cat asks him to take her in, because she has nowhere else.

Knowing that his life would be upend his life and complicate things, calls her parents. After the barrage of negative comments and her mother saying she doesn’t want her, Rick capitulates and she can stay, but that he only has one bed and he isn’t giving it up.

She says that they can sleep in the same bed and nothing more, period. Rick agrees and says he will not touch her.

He needs to take her shopping, because she showed up sans a jacket and little else except for the punk clothes on her back. Patrick has a job as an investment advisor and just getting by on his salary.

Now that he has a houseguest, he is going to have to cut back on things to make ends meet.

Patrick says see can stay but will have to help with the chores around the Townhouse. Dallas takes on the role as cook and housekeeper. Little does Patrick, a meat and potatoes man, know that Dallas is a Vegetarian, and cannot stand to touch or smell meat while it is cooking, and his diet is about to change.

Thus, began a strange symbiotic relationship that is strictly platonic.

Dallas is a gifted student; Patrick helps her get to school and finds out about her other talent as an artist, and photographer. She wants to finish school, graduate, and go to college, but how can she and Patrick afford the cost?

Dallas and Patrick find out some great information after Dallas’ photos end up in a magazine thanks to one of Patrick’s friend that works for the magazine. As others find out about this, things will never be the same for either of them.

To throw a bit of glue into the works, Dallas’ mother files a law suit against Patrick for kidnapping.

Readers will have to read A New Beginning to find out how things work out for Patrick and Dallas.

This reviewer awards four out of five stars to A New Beginning.

Robert Medak

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