Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Run-Away Couple

Author: Maggie Tideswell

Piper and Marcus’ story is one of hate that started in high school. With a dash of deceit instigated by Eloise, Piper’s sister, has plans.

Piper should have known better seeing Marcus standing behind her younger sister. Her sister knows how much Piper hates Marcus and his ever present pranks. She wants no part of Marcus.

Why was he at Eloise’s wedding in this creepy castle over an hour drive from home.

Piper has no clue has to the plan concocted in Eloise’s devious mind. Will Piper catch on?

Piper the perpetual bridesmaid, prays that she’s not paired with Marcus. Unfortunately for Piper, no such luck.

The Run-Away Couple contains many unusual occurrences during the reception and storm causing Piper to spend the night at the Castle looking B&B since it’s dark and Piper would have to spend more than an hour on the road back home.

The Run-Away Couple is a story of romance and connivance by Piper’s sister Eloise.

The question that you will have to read the book to find out is, will Eloise’s plan for Piper work

This story will hold your interest even if romance stories are not your favorite genre.

The Run-Away Couple is a recommended read with a rating of five out of a possible five stars.


Robert Medak

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