Monday, January 14, 2013

A Dragon’s Path to Ascension

By J. C. Harker 

Follow the trials of Tharia in A Dragon’s Path to Ascension.

Tharia must hide from those that would harm her. While traveling she must avoid letting anyone see that she is different. This difference could cause her death at the hands of anyone who notices her flesh as others of her type.

She has seen what people are capable of when people notice beings like her. After seeing what happened to one of her kind, she is on a mission of survival, and ascension to a higher form.

Her mission is to travel to her mother without detection. If she can make it, she might survive.

Her trip is fraught with increasing danger and betrayal. Readers will have to read A Dragon’s Path to Ascension if they wish to find out if Tharia makes it to her mother.

Who is the woman Kaima? What does she have to do with Tharia?

When Tharia and Kaima meet, will there be sparks?

Reading, A Dragon’s Path to Ascension is the only way to find the answers to these questions.

A Dragon’s Path to Ascension is a book the can be read in a single sitting. The pace is one that by the end, readers will want more from author, J. C. Harker.

A Dragon’s Path to Ascension is a story for all ages.

A Dragon’s Path to Ascension is 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

Robert Medak
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Roots of Reno

By Al W. Moe

The Roots of Reno is a well-written history of the characters and area around parts of Nevada especially Reno, Nevada known today as The Biggest Little City in the World.

Reno, Nevada was a place of boomtown status along with sites like Carson City, Silver City, and the beginning of wealth for those who had the entrepreneurial spirit and willing to take chances.

The period of The Roots of Reno is the late 1800s through the first decade of the 1900s. A period when fortunes made and lost as boomtowns sprung up, then later abandoned as mines petered out, boomtowns becoming ghost towns. Miners spending their hard earned money on gambling, whiskey, and women. The ones making the real money were the saloon owners and some mine owners who knew how to build empires.

If you live in the area around Reno, or are a history buff, The Roots of Reno is a book for you to read. This reviewer found The Roots of Reno worth the read and recommends The Roots of Reno for readers wanting to escape for a while into another time and place with a skillful writer.

This reviewer is happy to reward The Roots of Reno fur out of five stars.

Robert Medak
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Blood in the Ground

By Robert Paul Blumenstein

Blood in the Ground is a psychological thriller about the eternal struggle between good and evil.

There is more than just the battle as the characters travel the world in pursuit of the fiend Opossum, responsible for unspeakable horrors.

Travel along with Mahoney and Peyton though history, visit sacred places looking for answers to the evil one who escaped from death row. How is a prisoner able to achieve this feat? You’ll have to read Blood in the Ground to find out.

Mahoney and Peyton travel the globe chasing after Opossum with a cast of unlikely characters that are able to help with the chase after evil. Mahoney and Peyton must capture Opossum before he wreaks more havoc, will they? Again, you’ll have to read Blood in the Ground to find out.

Blood in the Ground is a compelling and engaging read. Blood in the Ground is for any reader looking for something different to read in the fiction genre.

A work of psychological fiction, Blood in the Ground is well worth a recommendation of must read for adults. Blood in the Ground may not be suitable for younger readers because of some of the content. This reviewer recommends parental control of Blood in the Ground around younger children.

Blood in the Ground deserves four out of five stars.

Robert Medak
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