Thursday, August 1, 2013

Talon, On the Wing

Talon, On the Wing is book two in the Talon series. Talon, On the Wing is the continuing saga of Matica. Talon son of Tamo and Tima became the first friends to accept Matica just as she is, while the Indians in her community would only laugh and make fun of her diminutive stature.

After Matica and her father saved Tamo, Tima, and their unborn child, they trio became friends and through the amazement of the relationship between the family and Matica did the natives began to accept and care for Matica as well.

Talon, On the Wing is an engaging story about being who you are no matter what others may think of you, no matter your size, you can make a difference.

The author of the Talon series, Gigi Sedlmayer tells a story that readers of all ages will enjoy.

Talon, On the Wing is a story of love and friendship for all ages to reveal in. A book that parents can read to their children or children can read on their own. There is no violence for parents concern. It’s nice to see a book for children and adults to read.

Talon, On the Wing is a five star out of five stars read. Talon, On the Wing is a must read as well as Talon, book one.

Reviewed by

Robert Medak