Friday, October 7, 2016

Dreams of Her Own

Author: Rebecca Heflin

Millie Stephens is the personal assistant to an author of romance novels in New York. Millie is a mouse of a woman, dressing down in all brown, brown hair, glasses and timidly shy.

Millie loves her job, but little does she know that her life is about to change.

One day while running an errand for her boss, Darcy Butler-Ryan, Millie wasn’t watching and someone pulled her back at a crosswalk just before being struck down by a large truck.

The benefactor she didn’t see held her in the air and tight against his chest. Millie was in for a surprise.

When Millie saw who helped her, thug was the first word to pop into her head.

Shaken, she finished her errand and then back to Darcy’s brownstone and back to work.

While at work, Millie thinks about her close call. From reading and hearsay she thought about how people in her situation have their life run before their eyes. Hers reel is blank, her life is nothing, she is nothing.

Then one day while Millie is out, her thug comes to Darcy about converting a room into a nursery for her impending delivery.

Millie returns to the brownstone while Darcy is out. Hearing noises from upstairs, Millie goes to investigate. There in a room is her thug. A contractor working on the room. Millie turns to leave but her notices her and speaks. Millie is tongue tied and nervous.

She hurries out and tries to settle down.

Over time, through a comedy of errors, Millie begins thinking about her life and the dream she wants to explore but doesn't have the courage, plus feelings of conflict while working for Darcy.

Dreams of Her Own isn’t your normal romance novel. In some ways it is a coming out celebration of the new Millie, with help from Darcy, her sister and others along with romance.

Dreams of Her Own, s not like other romance novels you’ve read. Dreams of Her Own, will give you a laugh and situations readers will relate to even they haven’t experienced them.

This reviewer awards 4 out of 5 stars to Dreams of Her Own.


Robert Medak

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Author: Sean Fraser

Imagine if you will, you are a young somewhat naive woman from Florida working for a company in a city like Vienna.

One day you receive a package with your name on it. Not realizing that it is meant for the other Sarah in the office.

You open the box expecting a care package from your mother but instead what you find unnerves you.

What you find, is that your identity has been stolen. How do you get it back?

You visit the one friend you made and seek her help with what is in the box.

Unbeknownst to Sarah what is in the box could mean her life and little does she know that this is the beginning of the strangest adventure involving danger, intrigue death and foreigners anyone could imagine.

Sarah is told to go on the run by her friend, but is she Sarah’s friend.

Follow Sarah’s life and death struggle in Extreme Betrayal. Who is the ultimate friend that helps Sarah.

Extreme Betrayal is engrossing and will keep you reading to find out what happens next as Sarah travels through European countries and into the belly of the best to clear her name and get her identity back.

If you enjoy mysteries with action that will keep you engaged, Extreme Betrayal is the book for you.

Sarah’s thoughts are centered on staying alive.