Monday, June 3, 2013

A Full-Grown Man

By Bill Hunt
The protagonist Ben, is in love with the beautiful Anna, but more than age difference makes their love impossible. Ben’s plans for his future with Anna must take a backseat due to circumstances beyond his control.
Ben must drop out of high school and take over Bennefield Farm at the age of18, losing as much if not more than he gained; the way Ben saw things.
A Full-Grown Man reads like a memoir, which also contains some history of living in southern Louisiana, in the town of Gold Dust. The timeframe as told by Ben of A Full-Grown Man is from the 50s thru the70s.
In each of our lives, there are many paths to becoming who we are and finding our one true love. A Full-Grown Man is the tale of Ben’s search for the love he knows is his. The search takes Ben many years, people touching his life, and many ancestors controlling his life.
Ben, at the age of approximately 18, must learn to deal with the angst of youth, becoming a responsible landowner; responsible for the well-being of others as well as others working the land. Because of others in his life controlling him for longer than he knew, Ben had no choice.
Over time, Ben learns much about how people around him have been devious behind his back, and stories about the people living in Gold Dust, Louisiana. The many untold stories Ben knew for most of his life growing up, and living in Gold Dust.
A Full-Grown Man is a story everyone can relate to about being in love for the first time, in their teen years.  
A Full-Grown Man is a five star book that everyone will find an excellent read.

Reviewed by Robert Medak, Allbooks Review Int.