Monday, December 26, 2011

Jihad Genocide: The Last Jihad

By Ted Habib

Jihad Genocide is a story about a call to alert the powers that be in the United States and other countries about the impending Jihad and a possible date of December 31st where multiple teams of Jihadists are set to employee suicide bombers to unleash a biological agent to kill more people at one time than the September 11, 2001 attack on the twin towers in New York.

The main character in Jihad Genocide is Samuel Josef a Muslim who converted to Christianity while living in India and about his siblings who are part of the Jihadists believers that are sending money for and work at learning about what they can do to bring Islam to the world as the only allowable religion and to the utter elimination of all nonbelievers.

Is Jihad a Holy War, or is it something more diabolical. As mentioned in Jihad Genocide Samuel Josef explains in detail how his siblings work at corrupting the U.S. judicial system through intimidation and death threats if rulings go against them or the people who are working with them in their struggle to destroy the very thing that allows them the freedom to do so, while using fraud, money laundering, and scams to send money to train the next generation of Jihadists (which some call terrorists).

This is a book that all at the seat of government should read and act upon.
Jihad Genocide receives four out of five stars, but with some judicious editing could receive a higher rating. This is a must read wake-up call to free societies around the world.

Disclaimer: This reviewer was compensated for his review, which in no way relates to the rating of this book. All reviews by this author are unbiased and do not dep on any type of remuneration whether it be a complimentary copy or other form of compensation to the reviewer.

Robert J Medak
Robert J Medak Writing & More

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Managing Content Marketing

The Real-World Guide for Creating Passionate Subscribers to Your Brand
By Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi

Managing Content Marketing is the only book you need to learn about using “Content” to market your business and build brand awareness.

Managing Content Marketing also explains in easy to understand how to create a content strategy whether a large corporation or a sole proprietorship with examples, carts, and well-written language and resources for more information.

As a reviewer and sole proprietor of a business, this book is within easy reach as a reference about managing content. Anyone in business or working alone should read Managing Content Marketing and take it to heart when considering how to market businesses.

Managing Content Marketing speaks about quality content, not just content. In marketing “Content is King” has been pitched for years by marketers.

This is true, Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi speak about writing your own content or in larger businesses having various sections having the employees writing content. People in customer service, marketing, sales, or departments in the business.

Managing Content Marketing says marketing in general is a long-term process. This is true, nothing happens in the short term. This doesn’t mean if you don’t see a marked upswing in a few days, or weeks that you give up. It takes time as explained in Managing Content Marketing.

Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi cover when or if to seek help creating content fr an outside consultant such as a free lance writer, or journalist.

Managing Content Marketing receives five out of five stars with a must read recommendation for businesses and anyone wishing to create a following for their own reason.

Only create quality content.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer/Marketer
Robert J Medak Writing & More

Monday, November 21, 2011

Beverly Hills Diary: A Journey Though the Mind of A Boy

By A. D. Grill

Beverly Hills Diary is the story of a Jewish kid from Peru growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Beverly Hills during the 1960s and ‘70s.

The main character’s name is Julian. Julian’s parents are holocaust survivors, his father is a doctor is South Central Los Angeles, and his mother works in Real Estate; rounding out the household is their Incan housekeeper, Aida.

Beverly Hills Diary, told in first person as though you are seeing the world of Julian through his eyes as he suffers mental and physical abuse, so much so that he runs away from home where he meets Rick while riding in a boxcar filled with avocados from Los Angeles to New York.

Julian doesn’t understand why he is removed from his school and sent to an Orthodox Jewish School. After spending time at the Orthodox Jewish School, Julian loses touch with his friends from elementary school.

Later, Julian’s parents remove him from Beverly Hills High School, and send him to a reform school on an island off the coast of Washington State. When he asks why, his parents tell him that the school kicked him out.

After a writing campaign to his immediate and extended family in letters, he receives a plane ticket to Boston in winter to live with his brother Mike, Mike is working on his doctor’s residency.

What does a California boy do in Boston in the winter while living with a much older brother who isn’t home every night.

When Julian calls home to find out if he can come home, his mother says no. Numerous thoughts run through Julian’s mind, but come back to the fact that he is unwanted in the house he grew up in, his mother is cold and condescending in her manner when they speak.

For a child in his teens and has been treated this way for years can have dire consequences to their psyche, Does it for Julian? You will have to read the book to find out.

Beverly Hills Diary receives four out of five stars with a recommended read.

Disclaimer: This reviewer is receiving compensation by a PR firm. This in no way alters an unbiased review of Beverly Hills Diary. All of my reviews are based on the quality of the content and not whether I receive any compensation.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer
Robert J Medak Writing & More

Monday, October 24, 2011

Facebook Fame

By Laura Roeder

In reading Facebook Fame, this reviewer found a wealth of information about creating a Facebook page that will aid the novice as well as the more advanced user in creating a fantastic presence for their business enterprise.

This reviewer will be using Facebook Fame as his reference in updating his Facebook page and establishing a more formed concept in building a following.

Gaining a following will not be overnight, but with subtle changes over time as the Facebook page owner takes the steps they feel comfortable with, over time followers will happen.

If you are like this reviewer that has a product or service to offer, people are the lifeblood of your enterprise. Without clients, you have no enterprise.

By reading Facebook Fame, you or your tech can implement the edits to improve your page, or even a personal page should you desire it.

Facebook Fame is rife with examples and diagrams to follow Laura as she teaches you how to improve your Facebook presence even though you might now be a tech geek. Just follow the steps in Facebook Fame and you will improve your page without having to pay some tech loads of money.

This reviewer cannot impress how well he feels in recommending Facebook Fame as a must read for those wanting to create a Facebook presence.

Facebook Fame receives five out of five stars from this reviewer.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer
Robert J Medak Writing & More

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Fried Twinkie Manifesto

By Ryan Moehring

The Fried Twinkie Manifesto is a series of vignettes that have humor, some language that may not be suitable for all, and well written with believable characters and situations.

The Fried Twinkie Manifesto may have an interesting name, but well worth the read and a book that you will not have to sit up for hours to complete since the stories are ones read in a short time, so don’t worry about finishing a chapter before bedtime.

The Fried Twinkie Manifesto is a book for adults because of the content of some of the stories within the covers. This reviewer enjoyed reading The Fried Twinkie Manifesto. As a reviewer, I recommend The Fried Twinkie Manifesto as a book to pick up. Readers will enjoy a wonderful time reading about different situations and people. You will have a fun time with the stories and situations, like the exchange student living in Mexico.

Pick up a copy of The Fried Twinkie Manifesto and enjoy yourself.

This reviewer awards four and one-half out of five stars to The Fried Twinkie Manifesto.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet Author Kathy Stemke

By Kathy Stemke

I hope I don’t offend anyone when I say that many of the virtual book tours I have attended and yes, even hosted myself, have been at best boring. Why, you ask? They tend to ask many of the same questions. For instance, “When did you start writing?” I might want to know the answer to that question once, but not at every stop on the tour. I say, “Let’s jump out of the box.” Some of us are writers, right? We’re creative, right? Why stop our creativity when it comes to our book tours??

Now I have to put up or shut up. I looked at my book, Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep, for the key areas of interest. When Zachary puts on his thick black glasses, he becomes a super hero. This enables him to protect his new baby sister from all kinds of problems. In the process he learns how much he loves her. This action packed book with clever rhymes focuses on teaching consonant blends. The teacher supplement includes comprehension questions, songs, worksheets and activities.

This led me to include a superhero trivia question on each stop. The history of superheroes and the foods they eat pretty much cover the superhero angle.

Sibling rivalry, famous brother sister pairs, poems and quotes deal with the relationship between Zachary and his new sister, Layla. For the academics, I added tips for helping your child prepare and adjust to a new baby.

I couldn’t leave out consonant blends. I have one post about my consonant blends! (Hehehe) and for the teachers I’ve added a language arts guide that corresponds to the book.

Don’t worry. I’m not ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater.’ I still have some excellent reviews and interviews strategically placed on the tour. How else would you find out when I started writing?

I’d love to hear some different approaches to virtual book tours that you’ve experienced.

Kathy Stemke has a passion for writing, the arts and all things creative. She has Bachelor degrees from Southern Connecticut State University and Covenant Life Seminary, as well as graduate coursework from New York Institute of Technology and Columbia University. Hanging her hat in the North Georgia Mountains, she has been a teacher, tutor, and writer for many years.

As a freelance writer and ghostwriter, Kathy has published hundreds of articles in directories, websites and magazines. She is a contributing editor for The National Writing for Children's Center and a reviewer for Sylvan Dell Publishing. As a retired teacher, Kathy has several activities published with Gryphon House Publishing. Kathy is also part of the team at DKV Writing 4 U.

Kathy’s first children’s picture book, Moving Through All Seven Days, was published on Lulu. Her next picture book, Sh, Sh, Sh Let the Baby Sleep, was released in May of 2011. Her third picture book, Trouble on Earth Day is scheduled for release in June of 2011.

Mrs.Stemke offers great teaching tips and children’s book reviews as well as a monthly newsletter titled, MOVEMENT AND RHYTHM, on her blog.

What is Supergirl's relationship to Superman?
Come to Karen Cioffi’s blog, June 15th for the answer.

What is the secret identity of the Green Lantern?

ANSWER: Hal Jordan. Remember what he had to say to recharge his power ring? 'In the darkest day, or the blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light.'

Remember; Every answer or comment you make during this book tour puts your name in the hat for a fantastic prize, which includes amazon gift certificates, books, superhero figurines, and much more.

Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep can be found:

Guardian Angel Publishing:


Barnes and Noble:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Write Your Way to More Clients

By Linda Dessau

Write Your Way to More Clients is more than just a book about content marketing; it is a book about writing.

This reviewer found a good deal of information for anyone that wants to write, whether blogging, articles, and even stories.

Linda wrote the information contained in Write Your Way to More Clients in a simple to understand conversational tone. It’s as though she’s talking directly to you about writing content and marketing that content on the Internet.

Linda also explains the importance of being a healthy person in Write Your Way to More Clients if you want to be a writer.

You must maintain your health, both mental and physical, by taking time for yourself, friends, and family. This is especially true if you are writing content. If you are tired or not up to it, take a break to refresh your creativity.

Linda listed some checklists for the writer to follow for writing and editing. Following these will help your content writing immensely.

This reviewer recommends Write Your Way to More Clients to all writers, not just content writers, and awards Write Your Way to More Clients five out of five stars.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Next Great American Novel…

By Shelby Patrick

It’s a gross misconception that writing is easy. Those of us that have never spent hours sitting before a computer trying to come up with a few sentences think there’s nothing to it, and everyone wants to write The Great American Novel some day. If you can, do it; however, it won’t come fast or easy.

One of the best quotes that sum up the writing life comes from Red Smith: “All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” How true, indeed!

Just as with professional jobs such as doctors, lawyers, plumbers, etc., you need training to become a highly skilled writer. It begins with learning the language. You should have a strong grasp of the English language, or whatever language you intend to write your novel in. We have all seen terrible books in which the speaker’s voice was butchered due to poor grammar, spelling mistakes, easy-to-fix typos, and more. An editor is great at helping you to fix some of these problems, but if you never excelled in your studies, it would be a disaster. Why not just hire someone to ghostwrite your novel then?

Okay, so let’s say you’re a genius with English, where does that leave you next? Study writing. Read a lot, especially the genre you want to write in. Learn the proper formats and story lengths. Got that mastered? Then you’re one step ahead of the game. Congratulations, you’re on the road to becoming a writer.

The next thing for you to do is look at and compare the markets. Find the best match for you. Learn how to pitch to those markets. Do your research. You should know what types of submissions a publisher/agent is looking for. Don’t send something off to a generic editor. Find out a particular editor’s name and never attempt to bribe someone to look at your manuscript. If you can write an eye-catching opening along with a really good letter, then it should be a cinch to close the deal. But be prepared for rejections. A big part of writing is growing a backbone. Don’t take rejections personally. It’s a part of the procedure. Go with the flow.

But it all comes down to this. For many, it takes years to learn a trade. It should take time to become a writer. No one can sit down and write a great novel overnight and to think you can is a bit ludicrous. Research, study, and learn before you even think of starting to write. Then you will find out that writing isn’t for the faint of heart.

Good luck!


Shelby has self-published two creative writing exercise books, Dark Recesses of the Mind and Forbidden Knowledge, a short horror and science fiction collection entitled The Fear Within, and a supernatural thriller, When Angels Sing.

By Shelby Patrick WHEN ANGELS SING came out in December 2010. The main male character, Blaze Kerrigan, is a typical young guy (with sex on the mind most days), but with one peculiar problem – he has a psychic link to a serial killer. So when Jenna Michaels shows up at his door unannounced and bears an uncanny resemblance to his dead fiancée, it’s Blaze’s job to keep her safe, especially when the body count starts to rise.

To see the trailer for WHEN ANGELS SING, please visit:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Author Margaret Fieland

Born and raised in New York City, Margaret Fieland has been around art and music all her life. Daughter of a painter, she is the mother of three grown sons and an accomplished flute and piccolo player. She is an avid science fiction fan, and selected Robert A. Heinlein's “Farmer in the Sky” for her tenth birthday, now long past. She lives in the suburbs west of Boston, MA with her partner and seven dogs. Her poems, articles and stories have appeared in journals and anthologies such as Main Channel Voices, Echolocation, and Twisted Tongue. In spite of making her living as a computer software engineer, she turned to one of her sons to format the initial version of her website, a clear illustration of the computer generation gap. You may visit her website,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Infinite Space, Infinite God II

Karina and Robert Fabian, Editors

Infinite Space, Infinite God II is an anthology of science fiction stories by authors following Catholic rules.

You are probably thinking that Infinite Space, Infinite God II is religious; nothing could be farther from the truth. What you get in Infinite Space, Infinite God II, is science fiction written well by authors who know how to spin a good tale.

This reviewer found reading Infinite Space, Infinite God II enjoyable and the stories engaging.

Science fiction lovers will enjoy reading Infinite Space, Infinite God II, and the variation of stories from time travel to Nuns in space.

Do not let the title dissuade you from reading a good book. You will be surprised as you read the different authors and at the ease of reading Infinite Space, Infinite God II. The science fiction is believable and you needn’t suspend belief too much. Are the stories possible? This reviewer says yes.

Do yourself a favor, pick up a copy of Infinite Space, Infinite God II and start reading a wonderful anthology of science fiction.

This reviewer highly recommends Infinite Space, Infinite God II as a must read for anyone that love science fiction. You will not be disappointed.

This reviewer awards four out of five stars to Infinite Space, Infinite God II.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined?

Insider Secrets of the Sexy and Slim!
By Sally Shields

Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Contains the story of real women giving their insights on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and weight in age groups from 20’s through the 60’s.”

Within the pages of “Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? You can read how women have found what works for them in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle so they are productive in their pursuits in various professions.

You will learn about the contributors’ food choices, exercise choices, and how they manage an ideal weight. The contributors range in age from early 20s to 60s. Each has found a plan that works for them.

The gist of the contributors’ plans, are good food, plenty of water, and exercise.

If you are tired of battling with the yo-yo weight problem, Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? May just be the book for you.

This reviewer is of the opinion that this book is not just for women, but is for anyone wanting to shed the extra pounds and keep them off.

Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined? Receives five stars of out of five with a must read recommendation.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Invest in Penny Stocks: A Guide to Profitable Trading

By Peter Leeds

First, this reviewer wishes to commend Mr. Leeds for the statement in his book about not spending your lunch money investing. When investing, please use only money you can safely.

There are many people online and offline that will tell you to invest, but few will tell you not to invest if you don’t have money you can afford to lose. This reviewer thanks the author for this.

Mr. Leeds also mentions trying paper trading to learn how well you do, and about Leeds Analysis. He takes time to offer some real world examples of investing and how to value what is happening in terms that investors should be aware of as they invest.

Mr. Leeds will teach you about investing in Penny Stocks. You can make money via Penny Stocks, but also be aware of the fact that you may lose some of your investment as well.

Stocks are not guaranteed to make money. You must take the time to learn and invest smart by learning all you can and working paper trades first. It is by the use of paper trading that Mr. Leeds says is one of the best ways to choose stocks and learn how they react.

He states in Invest in Penny Stocks that buying and sitting on Blue Chip stocks is not the best way to invest, plus Blue Chip stocks are expensive and you will be able to purchase more shares by investing in Penny Stocks and knowing when to sell them.

This reviewer found the information invaluable for anyone considering investing in the stock market. This reviewer awards five stars to Invest in Penny Stocks.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Henrietta, the Dragon Slayer

By Beth Barany

This is a tale with a strong heroine by the name Henrietta. It is also a tale of the magic of dragons and witches.

Henrietta, along with her traveling companions, Franc the knight, Jaxter the court jester, and Paulette the apprentice witch, Take on an arduous journey to Plumaria. Franc is on a mission from the king to find Henrietta the Dragon Slayer and bring her back to Plumaria.

The foursome encounters many hardships along the way, least of which is Henrietta’s fear of water. She must steel herself for a long sea voyage from the mainland to Plumaria to find the reason for her summons to the island, and what the king wishes of her since Franc is not forthcoming with much information.

Henrietta is on a mission of her own, to restore the health of her ailing mentor Master Chen, although she left after a heated exchange with him to join the King’s Army. Master Chen is much like a farther to her as well as her mentor in the fighting arts with the use of swords.

Will she be in time to same Master Chen if she travels to Plumaria to do the King’s bidding?

Beth, best known for strong heroines in her stories, this story is no exception. It is a tale of righteousness and overcoming adversity including magic. Who or what are the guardians she encounters along the way, and why do they hide in shadows as they speak to her. She is reluctant to listen to them as she in not ready to be a believer yet.

If you enjoy stories of mysticism, magic, and dragons this is a story for you. If you enjoy a good tale this story is for you, and if you enjoy a good read Henrietta the Dragon Slayer is the book for you.

This reviewer enjoyed reading the book and look forward to reading more of Beth’s writing.

This book receives a four and a half out of five stars along with a must read recommendation from this reviewer.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

LinkedIn For The Clueless

By Victoria Ipri

Do not let the title LinkedIn For The Clueless dissuade you from reading LinkedIn For The Clueless if you wish to learn more about how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business.

In case, you haven’t heard of LinkedIn, a site for professionals, or are an experienced user there is a good deal of information for the user of LinkedIn in LinkedIn For The Clueless.

Today’s business and professionals must realize that “social networking” is akin to advertising and posting your CV/Résumé via your profile page. The point made in LinkedIn For The Clueless is to make it less a CV/Résumé and make it more personal. There are real people on LinkedIn and they would like to know other people, not just any profile.

Victoria wrote with tongue-in-cheek LinkedIn For The Clueless as the title, but LinkedIn For The Clueless is anything but. After reading LinkedIn For The Clueless, cover to cover. As a reviewer and a member of the LinkedIn community for some time, I found information, which I will incorporate into my presence in the LinkedIn community.

This reviewer awards LinkedIn For The Clueless a five star must read rating. This reviewer will recommend LinkedIn For The Clueless to any contacts that are looking for a source of information about social networking and the LinkedIn community.