Saturday, January 4, 2014

Talon: Connected, Book 4

By Gigi Sedlmayer

The Talon series shows that anyone can be a hero no matter his or her size, special needs.

Matica finds courage in the jungles when her father becomes incapacitated and must rely on Matica for his life. Her birds Toma, Tima, and Talon help her find courage and determination she never knew she had.

To find out how her bird friends help her find something within herself she was unaware of, you will have to read the book. The series is the story of a child small for her age that shows the people of the village that anything is possible if you only believe in yourself.

The Talon series is a series recommended for all ages, and for parents to read to their children. It isn’t often that a story for all ages comes along that parents don’t have to worry about language or content for their children when reading.

The Talon series rates five stars. If you enjoy reading something positive, the Talon series is one that you should get a copy of Talon, sit back and begin reading.

This reviewer feels privileged the author allowed this reviewer to read, and review Talon Book One through Talon Book Four.

Thank you, Gigi, for allowing me to review the series. 
Talon: Connected
Reviewed by

Robert Medak