Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Theological Terms in Layman Language

Author: Martin Murphy

This book takes theological terms that are used and explains them in simple to understand everyday language. While reading, this reviewer exposed to an understanding of things heard without having to read passages in some confusing lexicon, concordance, or encyclopedia, of which there are many, found the definitions covered most denominations including Catholic.

With experience as a teacher and pastor for 20 years, Mr. Murphy has the knowledge and experience to explain the terms in this book. This reviewer found the reading easy and the theological terms fully explained so that anyone should be able to learn more about theology and its terms without having to spend years in the seminary or bible studies.

Mr. Murphy makes it clear with concise language what terms such as “Achilles Heel of Christianity” to “Works of Satisfaction” mean so that we all can learn and become closer to the lord.

This book is for anyone wishing to learn more about terms used in various religious denominates. In an easy to read format that does not require many other books, and hours spent searching through numerous texts hoping that you can come to some understanding of the terms we’ve been exposed to in our churches and bible study classes, or Sunday school; you will be able to find out what they mean here.
This is a wonderfully written book that explains terms is an alphabetical easy to read style, that taught me some new terms, that I found in one volume, not numerous books spread out all over tables or a desk. This reviewer could hold one book in his hands and learn in the comfort of an easy chair.

This reviewer recommends this book for anyone concerned with learning theological terms, and is awarded a four star rating.

NOTE: This is a compensated review by a professional reviewer.

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