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Gauntlet Runner: A Tale from the French and Indian Wars

Author: S. Thomas Bailey

Gauntlet Runner, while a work of fiction, is about real battles that took place in early America before the fight for independence.

As a reviewer I must mention that there is a graphic description of the torture of Indian captives that some may find disturbing. It all depends on the individual reader and their level of comfort with the descriptions. Many such incidents have been recorded and depicted in numerous movies dealing with the “White Man” and Indians (Now called Native American).

S. Thomas Bailey, author of the Gauntlet Runner is a researcher of early North American life as a raw historian.

If you are at all interested in early American history, Gauntlet Runner is a book that should be added to your required reading list.
This reviewer assigns a four out of five stars to Gauntlet Runner with a must read recommendation.

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of the Gauntlet Runner for yourself.

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Robert Medak
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Life Descending: Part One of The Cry of Havoc

Author: John Hennessy

As a reviewer, Life Descending: Part One of The Cry of Havoc is a book that made me wish I had part 2 as a reader. The cast of characters in Life Descending: Part One of The Cry of Havoc is believable and the setting is a planet other than Earth, with a combination of myth and magic. The cast of characters includes unique animals that can speak to the humanoids and mythical creatures that combine into a quest to find a rumored suit of armor with special properties.

Does this armor exist? The only way to learn the answer is to do what this reviewer did, read the book.

Life Descending: Part One of The Cry of Havoc is a book leaving this reviewer/reader wanting more of this tale to read to find out what happens next to Tom, Bravis, Keltin, Captain Ron (a parrot), and two Leprechauns.

Life Descending: Part One of The Cry of Havoc has everything in it that readers will enjoy; history, magic, myths, battles, and intrigue, which is something for everyone. Readers will love to read Life Descending: Part One of The Cry of Havoc as this avid reader/reviewer did.

While reading Life Descending: Part One of The Cry of Havoc, this reviewer found it hard to put down, although this reviewer prefers hard copies over electronic this reviewer read the later on a tablet using Adobe® Reader it was still hard to quit reading even while being tired. It has been a long time since this reviewer/reader has been so affected by reading a story.

This reviewer recommends reading Life Descending: Part One of The Cry of Havoc awarding it a five out of five star rating.

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Robert J Medak
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Old Gooseberry's Dilemma

Author: Patricia Perry

Imagine a wager between God and Lucifer, with the Dean Brothers final fate in the balance. Will the Dean Brothers end up with God, or with Lucifer (Gooseberry)? Gooseberry must watch over the as part of the bet.

Part of the bet is to keep the Deans out of trouble, which is not an easy task for anyone, even Old Gooseberry. Why would Gooseberry accept such a wager, especially when keeping track of the Dean Brothers is a full-time job? Who is going to torment the souls in Hades while Lucifer is busy watching over the Deans? This is Lucifer’s favorite pass time, tormenting people and watching over his domain on TV in his office smoking cigars.

Follow along as Old Gooseberry tries his best to keep the Dean Brothers out of trouble so they will end up in heaven. Lucifer is afraid if he loses the bet the Dean Brother will upset his domain and perhaps try to take over from him. This cannot happen.

Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma takes place from late afternoon on Wednesday, thru Saturday until 6:00.01 PM, during which time Lucifer must make sure the Dean Brothers do not get into any serious trouble.

Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma is a fun read that follows Lucifer as he visits and tries to keep the Dean Brothers out of trouble on Earth. He becomes a mere shadow of himself because it takes a lot to keep the Deans out of trouble that would cause him to lose the bet with God thru his emissary Michael the Archangel who started to wager in the first place.

You will have to read Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma to see how this wager ends. You may not be able to guess the outcome. Will it be God, or Old Gooseberry? This reviewer found Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma at times, funny, sad, and left to contemplate if things like this really take place.

Grab yourself a copy of Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma, sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the trials and tribulations of Old Gooseberry as he works hard to keep the Dean Brothers out of serious trouble in order to keep them out of his domain, Hades.

This reviewer awards four and one-half out of five stars to Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma and recommends it as a must read.

Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma is available at: Amazon, and The Publisher (

Reviewer for AllBooks Review
Robert Medak
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An Affinity For Shadows

Author Liz R. Newman

This reviewer received a pre-pub manuscript of An Affinity For Shadows for review. This reviewer found the manuscript in need of some editing.

An Affinity For Shadows is the story of two friends, Kate and Tabitha from different backgrounds who were roommates in college that became friends despite their backgrounds.

Kate became a Television journalist while Tabitha went her own way after college. Kate, centered on her career lost touch with Tabitha after sharing an apartment with her. Kate was serious about her career while Tabitha was more of a party girl.

The 9/11 attack happened while Kate was working on her on air show. She and her friend Gibbs went to tape a spot for her show. Gibbs had a heart attack and passed on the spot while holding the camera on his shoulder. Later she meets an enigmatic man, Sal (who is the Marques Sal Oliveri), who is unknown to Kate and thinks little of him at the time.

Because of Gibbs death and Deenie who was sleeping with the boss, Kate was having a hard time dealing with life in general, and love in particular. Kate wondered if she was even capable of loving after being asked to be the Maid of Honor at Tabitha’s wedding even though they haven’t seen each other in over four years.

Because of a rare medical condition and a man in Kate’s life, things didn’t go very well for either Kate or Tabitha. The Tabloids caught Kate in disarray slipping on ice and snow as she ran out of the Church during the ceremony.

Now was the beginning of Kate’s PTSD and her questioning her life, and if the love of a good man would ever be a part of it.

Kate works on a new show while she also takes a vacation in Italy until Tabitha shows up in need of her friend Kate. Here she meets Sal again and things change for Kate in ways she could never have dreamed of.

What transpires next is only for those that read the book. It is engrossing, funny, and tragic with some interesting exchanges between Kate and Tabitha, especially while they are both in Italy.

This reviewer can only award three out of five stars for this manuscript, but with judicious editing, would award a solid four and a half stars out of five to An Affinity For Shadows by Liz R. Newman.

Reviewer for AllBook Reviews
Robert J Medak
Writer, blogger, editor, reviewer