Monday, December 8, 2014

The Author Training Manual

By Nina Amir

An estimated 80 percent of people want to write a book, and have no idea where to start, are you part of that 80 percent and think you have a book inside you waiting for writing, but where to start?

Nina Amir’s The Author Training Manual is the first step to writing your book if you are serious
about finally writing and publishing your book. It shows you how to evaluate yourself and your book for success.

The first thing is to attain an author’s attitude, which The Author Training Manual will help you develop.

The Author Training Manual offers the reader steps in achieving an author’s mindset while evaluating your book’s chances for success.

Unfortunately, you will also learn that writing is a competitive business and you will have to learn the business aspects of publishing that The Author Training Manual explains in simple to understand language that all writers need to know if you want your book published.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned writer, The Author Training Manual is a ready reference manual for determining the viability for your book’s success.

Before you begin writing your book, pick up a copy of The Author Training Manual by Nina Amir, develop your Author’s mental attitude, evaluate your book’s chances for success, and then start writing you next great novel or nonfiction book.

The Author Training Manual receives five out of five stars with a required reading recommendation for anyone who believes there is a book inside them.

Robert Medak
Freelance writer, Blogger, Editor, and Reviewer

Monday, November 24, 2014

Outsource Smart

By Daven Michaels

For any entrepreneur, or small business considering outsourcing, Outsource Smart might be the Holy Grail of information about outsourcing tasks that are stopping you from working on growing your business.

There is a section in Outsource Smart that explains about those that can afford to outsource presently.

Along with outsourcing information, there are also some business lessons for anyone considering a startup or becoming an entrepreneur.

Starting a business takes a good deal of time and effort on the business owner, outsourcing tasks is one way to eliminate many of the routine tasks that eat away at the time required to grow the business.

Routine business tasks such as blogging, site building and maintenance, social media posting, marketing, and bookkeeping.

Outsource Smart gives you information about outsourcing business tasks, how to find outsourcers for the daily tasks, and then spend time growing the business instead.

Outsource Smart is a book anyone thinking of starting a business, or a small business considering outsourcing should buy a copy read it.

Outsource Smart is a five out of five star read and a recommendation of purchase and reading it as a resource to learn more about the business of outsourcing.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Best Punctuation Book, Period.

By June Casagrande

The Best Punctuation Book, Period might just be the only English language book on punctuation you need form your writing needs.

In The Best Punctuation Book, Period the author also mentions the most widely used writing style guides and the subtle differences between them.

Unfortunately, There are numerous style guides and in-house style guides that one may have to alter their writing for. However, the basics of punctuation in The Best Punctuation Book, Period, is good as a refresher or reference to punctuation for anyone having to communicate through the written word.

Whether using the Associated Press (AP), American Psychiatric Association (APA), Chicago Manual of Style, Modern Language Association (MLA) or any other style guide, The Best Punctuation Book, Period will be your guide to perfect punctuation.

The author explains the subtle difference between the various style guides with examples of these differences.

For anyone wishing to communicate via the written word with authority and clarity, buying a copy of The Best Punctuation Book, Period, and keeping it as a handy reference will be able to having their writing shine.

The Best Punctuation Book, Period is a five or of five stars with a recommendation to grab a copy for anyone, writing if there is any doubt as to the quality of the punctuation in their copy.


Robert Medak
Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Mothers and Motherhood

By Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson

She Wore Emerald Then is a collection of poems by Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

The free verse (Written without rhyme or conventional patterns of poetry) poetry in She Wore Emerald Then is well written and entertaining for readers of any age, not just poetry readers that celebrates Mothers and Motherhood.

She Wore Emerald Then is a book that everyone should read and experience the writing and what the poems say to them. Poetry is about evoking emotion, not written to attempt understanding what was in the author’s mind at the time of penning.

She Wore Emerald Then is a recommended reading and awarded five out of five stars.

Purchase a copy of She Wore Emerald Then and enjoy a celebration Mothers and Motherhood from two gifted writers.

Reviewed by
Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Editor, Reviewer

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Talon: Connected, Book 4

By Gigi Sedlmayer

The Talon series shows that anyone can be a hero no matter his or her size, special needs.

Matica finds courage in the jungles when her father becomes incapacitated and must rely on Matica for his life. Her birds Toma, Tima, and Talon help her find courage and determination she never knew she had.

To find out how her bird friends help her find something within herself she was unaware of, you will have to read the book. The series is the story of a child small for her age that shows the people of the village that anything is possible if you only believe in yourself.

The Talon series is a series recommended for all ages, and for parents to read to their children. It isn’t often that a story for all ages comes along that parents don’t have to worry about language or content for their children when reading.

The Talon series rates five stars. If you enjoy reading something positive, the Talon series is one that you should get a copy of Talon, sit back and begin reading.

This reviewer feels privileged the author allowed this reviewer to read, and review Talon Book One through Talon Book Four.

Thank you, Gigi, for allowing me to review the series. 
Talon: Connected
Reviewed by

Robert Medak