Thursday, January 6, 2011

LinkedIn For The Clueless

By Victoria Ipri

Do not let the title LinkedIn For The Clueless dissuade you from reading LinkedIn For The Clueless if you wish to learn more about how to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business.

In case, you haven’t heard of LinkedIn, a site for professionals, or are an experienced user there is a good deal of information for the user of LinkedIn in LinkedIn For The Clueless.

Today’s business and professionals must realize that “social networking” is akin to advertising and posting your CV/Résumé via your profile page. The point made in LinkedIn For The Clueless is to make it less a CV/Résumé and make it more personal. There are real people on LinkedIn and they would like to know other people, not just any profile.

Victoria wrote with tongue-in-cheek LinkedIn For The Clueless as the title, but LinkedIn For The Clueless is anything but. After reading LinkedIn For The Clueless, cover to cover. As a reviewer and a member of the LinkedIn community for some time, I found information, which I will incorporate into my presence in the LinkedIn community.

This reviewer awards LinkedIn For The Clueless a five star must read rating. This reviewer will recommend LinkedIn For The Clueless to any contacts that are looking for a source of information about social networking and the LinkedIn community.


  1. Thank you, Robert! LinkedIn For The Clueless can be purchased via this link:

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    LinkedIn For The Clueless demystifies how LinkedIn really works, so you can make it work for you in the shortest time, with the smallest effort.

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  2. Great review of a great book Robert! I have read Victoria's book and fully endorse it! As a social media marketer with my own social media marketing firm (Go! Media International -, what Victoria Ipri has to say in her new book is absolutely spot on. With so many people looking to get the most out of their time online AND online with social media, this book is a gem.

  3. I work with Victoria Ipri at Modello Media so I am biased in her favor. Nonetheless, Robert Medak has picked up on Victoria's passion for her work as a missionary to help all of us take fullest advantage of LinkedIn. I see first hand on a daily basis how her clients discover better ways of using LinkedIn to grow their businesses, and advance their personal careers.

    The title, "LinkedIn For The Clueless" is tongue in cheek as Robert suggests. Victoria's ability to simplify and clarify complex subjects is what has made her so popular on LinkedIn groups, and in demand as a speaker and consultant on social media--with an emphasis on using LinkedIn as a B2B business tool. Great review!

  4. I collaborate and work with Victoria Ipri and have read "LinkedIn for the Clueless." Fantastic! Every social media user, business professional and social media consultant needs a copy of Victoria's book.

    Business professionals and job seekers alike are missing the boat when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. Victoria takes you step-by-step and navigates you through the murky LinkedIn waters. She is both coach and social media guru-ess, and her clients are a true testament of how well Victoria's LinkedIn guidance and expertise are working for them!

    Victoria breaks down LinkedIn (and social media) concepts and tools in easy-to-read language and makes a great present for your boss who may be sitting on the fence about using LinkedIn and other social media channels. The proof is in Victoria's book!

    I highly recommend this book - a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about LinkedIn and how it can take their business or company to the next dynamic online marketing level.

  5. Thank you all for reading the review and taking the time to comment on the review.