Sunday, March 25, 2012

Go Mobile

By Leanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner

Go Mobile is the only book you will need to take your business-branding mobile.

In Go Mobile, you will learn about those funny looking stamps you see on sites and more called QR (Quick Response Codes), and using them to your advance your business branding. Branding is getting your business remembered.

Using QR codes allows you to place the information you desire so when someone scans it, they see the information or are taken to a website, blog, or special offer; it’s up to you. In Go Mobile, you will find links to scanning software and more about how to create QR codes.

You will also find a plethora of details about marketing your business on the mobile channel as only a part of the bigger picture of marketing. One should never put all of their eggs in just one basket in today’s smart devices. There are smart phones, tablets, and more that have the capability to access the internet and do more for more than just business people, but also your customers as well as businesses searching for local businesses, why not yours?

Today, more people rely on being mobile and finding a local business as the travel for both business, and pleasure in many towns and cities. Having a QR code they can scan, or find out more information by using proper search optimization, you might just be the one they find to help them out with just the product or service they need to solve their need.

Go Mobile is the book for anyone selling a product or service. Do yourself a favor and purchase a copy of Go Mobile, take the time to read it and use it as your reference for taking your product or service mobile.

Go Mobile receives the highest recommendation as a book to be read, and receives five out of five stars from this reviewer.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer/Marketer

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