Sunday, November 29, 2009

Winning in Life Now: How to Break Through to a Happier You!

By Michelle Prince

Zig Ziglar penned the forward in this book. Michelle takes you on a trip to a purposeful life with exercises taken from real life. She has lived it and can help you become a happier you. The writing style is conversational with examples from Michelle’s life. Winning in Life Now is like having a comfortable talk with your best friend in a relaxed setting.

Reading this book, is looking at your life as it is, and seeing if you are on purpose. Most of us wonder why we are here and what we want to be when we grow up, but life has a way of interceding with what we think we will be as children. There is a career, bills, family, and more that can interrupt our plans for what it is that makes us happy.

Following along and being introspective, we can get back on purpose in our life and become happier with ourselves. If we are not happy, with whom we are; how can someone be happy with us? If we do not love ourselves, how can anyone else love us?

While this book may not help you overnight, reading it can help you take the first steps toward becoming whom you want to be which is a happier, more purpose-knowing person. Perhaps you will find the answer as to why you are here. This is not a religious book, but a spiritual one that transcends any denomination.

Winning in Life Now is a small yet powerful book that is recommended as a must read, and is awarded a four star rating from this reviewer.

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