Wednesday, March 11, 2009

7 Ways You Screw Up Your Life: (and how to unscrew it) by Marti Lawrence

Ms. Lawrence has written a book of down to earth common sense ways to improve your life, with a bit of humor. It is our mindset, which holds us back from achieving what we want in life. Ms. Lawrence gives you, with the help of guest contributors, some common sense ways to help change your mindset to reach your goals.

With some personal information from Ms. Lawrence, you can see where you might have set up some roadblocks to moving you life forward instead of being stuck in the same old rut. It does come down to the individual to improve their lot in life by playing the cards you were dealt, we all have to.

By reading this book and analyzing where you are in life, you have some tools and a different perspective that you can view your cards and improve your hand by dealing with the ones in your hand by looking at the hand differently. Turn what you think is a band hand into a great hand.

This book will help, but only if you are willing to do the work. I recommend this book to all for a look at how to improve your life.

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