Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hard Times and Great Blessings by Kenneth F. Worth

Mr. Worth has written a memoir that lists the blessing from God throughout his life. This book is about his life and career in the military, and as a civilian working for the military in various capacities.

From adversity as a young boy, through his life, and finding his soul mate. Read a well-written memoir about how life can change, and progress with the help of God in our lives, when you have faith. You may not begin with the faith you need, but life has a way of leading you to it when you least expect it.

This is a book about a life lived to its fullest, and belief that things will work out. Mr. Worth is a good storyteller. He has a book that everyone should read, old, or young, you will find something in this memoir for you. I recommend this book for all to read, not just those that believe.

Anyone will find this a book well worth the read.

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