Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green School Primer: Lessons in Sustainability

This is a book about modernization and the building of new schools making them eco-friendly. With the maintenance costs rising, using the green designs in this book, costs could be lowered while also making the classrooms more conducive to learning.

Lowering costs in a time where teachers need to spend their own money for the basic classroom necessities, and school districts in shortfall with their budgets, anything that could substantially lower operating and construction costs would seem to be something to consider.

The Green School Primer is such a book for the times we live in. What better way to teach about the environment and global warming than to have a school built taking these concerns into the construction, and retrofitting of older schools to make them eco-friendly and lowering operating costs for the school districts?

I found this book interesting in its concept and design featuring ways to lower the cost of running a school while teaching the students by example about going green and how to help global warming in the process. I would recommend that the various school boards consider reading this book as well as those in the construction industry.

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