Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Froward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success

by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

The Frugal Editor is a book that belongs on the desk of anyone that is either an author, or an aspiring author. This book contains a wealth of information about what it takes to have your manuscript pass the mark toward publication.

This book gives writers needed information on how to create queries, cover letters, book proposals, and manuscripts that are not sloppy which will get you into the round file. Reading this book will assist you in why you need an editor or at least two other sets of eyes for you writing.

If you use Word, the de facto standard, there is information about using the Tracking feature and more to help you with your writing and editing with easy and practical steps in this book.

The Frugal Editor applies to all types of writing. Even those that write business letters, e-mails and more can gain a unique insight into making them better. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone putting words on paper or a computer screen.

The book is conversational in tone as if talking to a fiend that is imparting their secrets and tips to make your writing more professional and your manuscript pass muster with agents or in-house editors. No one wants to submit something that is not their best, which is why writers need a copy of The Frugal Editor.
Do yourself a favor, and find a copy of this book for your reference; you will appreciate it.

This reviewer gives a five star rating to The Frugal Editor.

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  1. I have this book and totally love it. Carolyn Howard-Johnson's books have really helped me with my promoting and editing. I think every writer should have at least one of her books and this would be the one I suggest.

  2. I have this book also, and it's a valuable writing tool. I also have The Frugal Promoter, just as valuable.

    Great review!

  3. This is a book every writer should have. Great review, Robert!

  4. I also have this book and find it a very valuable tool.
    Martha Swirzinski

  5. Love the book -- I highly recommend it.

  6. Carolyn gives brilliant tips and advice. Her books are excellent resources for all authors.

  7. Carolyn is certainly the go-to person for advice about writing.

  8. Great tool. Carolyn is an excellent resource!

  9. Thank you all for dropping by and for your kind comments. And thank you Robert for having me. I've been out of town speaking. Came home to 700 e-mails and it's taken me three days to get through them. Please forgive my tardiness.


  10. Great post, Robert. I got a kick out of "talking to a fiend."

    Seriously, Carolyn is a giant in the book industry. She has helped so many people with her expertise, and her positive attitude. Thanks, Carolyn!