Monday, February 1, 2010

Stir, Laugh, Repeat: Finding Joy While Playing in the Kitchen

By Martha A. Cheves

This is not your ordinary cookbook. This cookbook, written for those that are not familiar with working in a kitchen; or did not have the luxury of being in the kitchen with their mother; grandmother, or even their father and learned the joy of cooking from them while spending time in the kitchen.

The recipes are simple comfort food and some that you may not have heard of. The point is to try them and learn to become comfortable in the kitchen and possibly pass on the joy of cooking to your children. There is no better way to spend time and have fun with your children then to work together in the kitchen as many children did years ago.

The anecdotes along with the recipes are fun to read on their own. What a treat to read while following the easy to prepare dishes in one pot. The recipes are easy to follow and create something special for one or a family.

This reviewer, thought back to the times he spent in the kitchen helping his mother by cutting up things, getting them ready for the pot. It does make for a special bond between child and parent.

For those that are single and avoid the kitchen due to lack of confidence around a stove, think of the sense of accomplishment when you create something yourself in the kitchen. We can’t live by take-out or the microwave all the time. We should strive to eat healthy most of the time.

This reviewer enjoyed Stir, Laugh, Repeat and awards it a five star rating.

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