Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you choose one book to aid in marketing your business or product, “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” needs to be the book.

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green
By Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” is not your average marketing book. When reading “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” you will find stressed are ethical behavior, and reducing your businesses carbon footprint. This is actual steps your business is taking; not just saying your business is green to jump on the environmental bandwagon. This is where the ethical part comes in, ethical in dealing with your customers; also with your marketing materials if you state you rare green or whatever you are touting. You must walk the walk.

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” is also about marketing emphasizing ethical, frugal, and effective methods. There is also a resource section, which lists URLs for even more resources.

This reviewer enjoyed reading a section titled “A Social Movement Around Business Ethics” which contains a “Business Ethics Pledge” and an URL to the Web page to sign the pledge. This reviewer as a businessperson signed it and plans on living by it, and hopes that every business would be willing to do the same. Living ethically is good for personal peace.

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” also addresses subjects like social media, traditional media, turning customers, suppliers, and even competitors into an unofficial sales force, how to have acquaintances become joint-venture partners, and more.

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” is a book that needs to be handy for referencing as you work on your marketing plan and marketing materials. It will be a reference manual for this reviewer within arm’s reach.

If you choose one marketing book to aid in marketing your business or product, “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” needs to be the book. You will not be disappointed, and will learn a good deal about ethical, frugal marketing.

This reviewer awards a five star rating to “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.”

This reviewer received a complimentary copy of, “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” from Wiley upon request. There was no remuneration, and the review is this reviewer’s honest opinion of “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.” No reviews are ever biased. Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255

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