Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Six Common Small Business Failures … and how to avoid them

By Frederick Jones

As a reviewer having read many business oriented books, this one is different from the rest. This book examines failure. If you have lived any years at all, you should have come to the realization that often more can be learned by failure than from success.

This book is about personal experience and teaches a good deal about the way you look at things and how much the proper attitude can help in success. You will also be asked to define what success is for you.

Each person’s definition of success will be different. It is up to the individual. Some people are a success with less than the next person is, while others need more. Where does it reach a stage of greed?

This book should be mandatory reading for anyone thinking of going into business for themselves, and in corporate America as well. This reviewer recommends this book as a must read.

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