Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catwalk – A Feline Odyssey

by Kathie Freeman

This book is one recommended for people of all ages. This is a story not only for animal lovers, also even for those that may not like animals. It is a story about heart and home. Reading a story from an animal’s point-of-view is refreshing and unique. This reviewer found this book hard to put down, what is going to happen next, will keep you riveted and loath to put this book down.

For those that are cat lovers, this book will extremely poignant and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The cat knows where her home is; and the people that love her beside the circumstances that brought her to them both.

The main character is a female cat with a never give up attitude that is refreshing and real, although this is a fictional account of her travels. She could be called “peripatetic Tiger, Tuffy, Gypsy, Princess Regina, and Kiki” along her adventure not of her own making. What will her final name be and who will she be with? You will have to read this engaging book to find out.

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