Friday, November 15, 2013

The Power of Storytelling

By Ty Bennett

Although The Power of Storytelling is geared toward presentation storytelling, Would be, and experienced writers should read this book because some of the techniques lend themselves to authoring books.

Books are a different type of presentation than those on stage. Everyone should be a good storyteller in social circumstances, in business, and of course in books.

Mr. Bennett offers how excellent storytelling is a requirement in presenting speeches, audio and visual presentations, and more techniques to become a better storyteller in any situation.

The Power of Storytelling is approximately one-hundred and sixty pages filled with all of the information on becoming a better storyteller.

Being a good storyteller is important to business people who must explain what they do when networking. Businesspeople should be comfortable with the elevator pitch, and authors must be good storytellers for their readers.

The Power of Storytelling is a recommended read for anyone who wishes to be a better storyteller for all occasions.

Like to tell stories and be better in situations where a good story is needed, get a copy.

Mr. Bennett’s The Power of Storytelling receives five stars.

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