Friday, February 1, 2013

Writing Is A Business

By Karen Rose Smith 

Writing Is A Business isn’t just another book about writing. Karen is an author with over 20-years in the writing business.

Make no mistake; writing is indeed a business as Karen expertly explains in her book Writing Is A Business.

Writing Is A Business is the perfect gift for anyone considering a writing career, and for today’s authors because of changes to the way book publishing is changing, and authors must keep up with the business of writing.

Anyone calling themselves a writer needs a copy of Writing Is A Business in their reference library. Writing has always been a business, because of changes in publishing, writers are required to learn the business side of writing and publishing. Writing Is A Business will help writers with the basics, and then writers must learn what they need from there to help their career in writing.

Writers need research for their stories; they also need Writing Is A Business to research the business side of their careers.

This reviewer found the information in Writing Is A Business useful and recommend writers grab a copy and learn about the other hats they must wear in today’s book publishing environment.

Writing Is A Business receives five stars out of a possible five stars.

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