Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Great First Impression Book Proposal:

Everything You Need to Know to Impress a Publisher in Twenty Minutes or Less
By Carolyn Howard-Johnson

The Great First Impression Book Proposal is a book that all authors need to get past the gate keepers as Carolyn refers to them in her books. This book is by no means a step by step plan, but it does give you the basics for publishing your book.

The publishing industry has changed. In today’s environment, more is placed on the author to make a good impression on agents, editor, and publishers if they want to get their manuscript published.

The first impression is all you have to get the attention of those that hold the publishing purse strings. If you do not create something of value for their time and effort in your first impression your chances of becoming a published diminish greatly.

Carolyn’s The Great First Impression Book Proposal while not guaranteeing publishing does offer things that will aid you in the possibility of becoming published.

The Great First Impression Book Proposal is another in a series of pamphlets about various aspects of writing, editing, and publishing.

This is a book that anyone considering writing for publication should read all of Carolyn’s pamphlets about writing. Some may feel that they know the information in Carolyn’s pamphlets, they are still a good source of information and review of what authors need to know about getting past the gate keepers.

This reviewer awards four out of five stars for The Great Impression Book proposal by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

This reviewer read a complementary copy sent to me by Carolyn at my request. This reviewer offers only unbiased reviews based on the quality of the book.

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